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The Care360 Method

Care360 was designed with the whole person in mind. We help you cultivate the things that are valuable to you.


Staying in touch with friends, family and the community is so important in maintaining a happy home life! Our caregivers can assist in transporting clients to community events, letter writing, and even managing social media to stay in touch with loved ones.


Staying active and mentally stimulated can help ensure you or your loved one stay home. as long as possible. Our caregivers provide assistance with physical therapy exercises, nutritious meals and mentally engaging activities such as board games and puzzles.



As a faith-based company, we know the impact religious and spiritual activities can have on our mental wellness. We strive to keep you or your loved one engaged in their own religion however we can. Our caregivers can transport clients to and from church or assist them in finding online or in person services.


A safe, clean home is a happy home. We aim to help you or your loved one flourish at home. Our staff will provide regular home-safety checks and minor home maintenance (e.g., testing smoke detectors) to ensure our clients are safe. We partner with local companies who can assist in larger home safety projects too.

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Our Founder

Kathleen Horsley was raised in Columbus, Nebraska and grew up with her grandmother living with her. During this time, she saw firsthand the important role that caregivers played in providing in-home assistance to her grandmother and others in need. To her, caregivers were heroes.


This experience inspired Kathleen to pursue a career in the healthcare field, where she could dedicate her life to helping others. Kathi became a registered nurse (RN) from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1993 and then obtained her Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Bellevue University in 2005. She has always been motivated by a desire to serve others and to lead a life that gives glory to Jesus Christ.

Our Team

About Us | Lincoln | AmanaCare In-Home Assistance

Growing up in Elkhorn, Jenny is Nebraska born and raised. She is highly focused on customer service with a long standing career in managing businesses. Her free time is spent with family, especially her husband and son. She has a particular interest in photography: Her favorite photography subjects are her family pets, Legend (her dog) and Pepperoni Sandwich (her rabbit). She also enjoys travelling, and exploring new and exciting things to do in our great state.

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Eliot grew up in Orchard, NE. He graduated from UNK with a degree in English and Philosophy and received his Master’s degree in Literature from the University of Dallas. He is currently finishing his PhD in the same field. His hobbies include reading, writing, weightlifting, spending time outdoors, and preventing his five children from growing into delinquents.
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Amber lives in her hometown of Broken Bow, NE with her husband Duane. She enjoys spending time with her son Randall, Daughter-in-Law Natalie, and Granddaughter Charlotte Victoria. Amber became passionate about being able to help others after her husband, Duane, became AmanaCare’s first Central Nebraska client a few years ago. After experiencing the joy of the Care 360 approach to care, Amber fell in love with AmanaCare and became a Marketer so that she could help others attain premiere level care in the comfort of their own home. Combining her experience in Marketing with her empathy for each person, Amber finds this to be the perfect role to help others.
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Sara grew up in a small town in Iowa. She moved to Nebraska in 2009. Sara establishes relationships with our clients in order to ensure that we provide care in the manner that they need it. She also helps our caregivers through the training and orientation process, helping them feel at home in the company and reaching their goals.

Sara got married in 2015. She gave birth to her first daughter in 2016 and now has 3 kids. Along with owning two dogs, Sara is also a talented beekeeper and produces high-quality honey.

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Erich grew up on a farm in Pleasanton, NE and finished high school and college in Lincoln at Pius X and the University of Nebraska respectively. After a few years as a Catholic missionary, he joined AmanaCare as minority owner. He is married with three children. His hobbies include reading, playing sports, and keeping chickens.
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Rhonda Saunders has been passionate about helping people for decades. Starting with teaching Childbirth Education for over 30 years, assisting Nebraska teens in foster care as they prepare for independent living, event planning and fundraising for abused and neglected children for 17 years at Cedars Youth Services, working in memory care and then in the hospice field for eight years.

Rhonda has enjoyed giving back to the Lincoln community through the years by volunteering with the Lincoln Updowntowners, co-chairing the Jazz in June city festival, serving on the Lincoln Haymarket board and their annual Chocolate Lover’s Fantasy committee. In addition Rhonda served on the Alzheimer’s Association board and assisted with their community fundraising events.

The caregiver road is not unfamiliar to Rhonda, she spent six years caring for her mother and step-father as they traveled the road of health issues and dementia. In June of 2021 Rhonda left hospice care to help her family back east care for her sister who was on hospice. Since her sister’s passing, Rhonda has continued to be a health advocate/assistant for other family members in Lincoln.

Rhonda enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband, three adult children and their significant others, two teen step-children and one granddaughter. Rhonda loves to travel and planning trips. Maui is her top destination and has been going there for over 25 years. She also enjoys being outdoors, cooking and entertaining family and friends. Most importantly her biggest passion is her love of Jesus and living a life that is pleasing to God.

A couple of fun tidbits about Rhonda; she lived in the Lincoln Zoo for a year and she’s met Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac… twice!

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Jenna was born in Tucson, AZ but grew up in Kearney. She went to school at Southeast Communnity College in Lincoln to become an EMT. Her goal was to become a paramedic, but became a mom instead. She has type 1 diabetes and spent her middle school/high school time volunteering at Mosaic, so she always thought she would work in caregving. Her hobbies include spending time with her kids, fishing, and baking/decorating cakes. Since all her children are girls, she also enjoys spa days and all things Disney princess.
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Mikah grew up in Lincoln and graduated high school early from North Star. Mikah then graduated with a 4.0 from Southeast Community College with a degree in Applied Science in Health & Human Services. She enjoys spending time with her son and sits on the board of a local non-profit “Lincoln Tree of Hope.”

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Amanda was born in Geneva, NE but grew up in Hastings. She went to Keiser University as a nursing student and completed her internship in Council Bluffs at a local Community Clinic.

She began her career as a Direct Support Professional working with individuals with intellectual disabilities. From there she became a Residential Manager for a home of individuals with intellectual disabilities. After the blessing of her fifth child she decided that being on call 24/7 was not ideal, and so she joined us at as a supervisor at AmanaCare!

Her hobbies center around family time. She enjoys watching her children grow up and being able to put a smile on their faces. She appreciates seeing her older children grow into young adults playing sports and learning new things.

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Charlene grew up in Sargent, Nebraska and attended Nebraska Wesleyan University. After college, she bought a little house in Comstock, which she is currently renovating again. She is very fortunate to have four awesome humans call her Mom. One of her sons fell in love with the only foreigner at the bar one night and now lives across the big pond. In exchange for following love over there (Europe), he gave Charlene a daughter-in-law and made her a grandma last year. She doesn’t understand free time at this point, but thinks someday it will include golf, reading, and going places she wants to go instead of places she has to go. Right now, she spends time at one of her son’s college football games, track meets, volleyball and basketball games, and following her six humans to various places.
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Joann spent her childhood in Texas and in her teen years landed in Colorado. She now resides in Kearney, where she and her four children have been for many years. Most of her children are now grown and starting families and lives of their own. Due to the many places she has lived it has given her a deep love for the beauty of nature that surrounds her. She loves walks and long talks with her family and is always amazed by the simple things in life, like butterflies, that are often overlooked in a normal day. She is also grateful to have her dad living at home now, where he inspires her and her entire family. Joann has worked in many fields throughout her career, and believes each of her former roles has helped lead her to where she is now. Some of these roles include being a CNA, a toddler teacher and a Sunday night coordinator for a church. Most recently, she was an office manager for eight years at a local construction company, as well as a rental manager. Her various experiences in work have led her to AmanaCare, where she supports our team that has a heart for helping those who need an extra hand.
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I am a mom to two rainbow babies. They are my whole world. I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and moved to Nebraska in my mid teens. I’m the oldest of 6, I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. I enjoy reading, hiking, camping, and traveling. I started working in healthcare 18 years ago. It is my passion to make others happy.

Halie, originally from Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska, is an enthusiastic graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (GBR!). Growing up on the outskirts of her small town, she embraced the importance of community involvement and giving back, values she now brings to her position as a Relationship Development Specialist at AmanaCare. Her dedication to fostering meaningful connections reflects her genuine commitment to the organization’s mission.

Outside of work, Halie enjoys her roles as a devoted dog mom, daughter, sister, and aunt. She also volunteers as an assistant cheerleading coach at Lincoln Pius X High School, where she shares her love for mentorship and teamwork.

Melissa was Born in Kearney Nebraska, however she was raised out in Southern California.
At the age of 17 Melissa returned back to Kearney with her parents. She soon became a young single mom. Graduated with a GED and worked full time for 2.5 years in the Gibbon Nursing home as a cook. Over the next few years Melissa was married and had 2 more children. After a need to step away from her married life she moved out to North Platte Ne, Where she became a DSS and a DSP. and remembered how much she enjoyed helping others. After an injury happened causing her to find an office position, Melissa moved back to Kearney. Leaving Behind her oldest daughter and grandchildren in North Platte where they have made a home and she is currently working for Amana Care in North Platte. Several years had passed before Melissa was finding herself in need of in-home health care for her mother. After talking with her daughter, her husband and family they picked Amana Care for her mother. Once she started with the company in no time Melissa saw such a need for the in-home care, she left her office career behind, and started with Amana Care full time, quickly digging her heels in to making in- home care her lifetime career. With her youngest daughter also being a full time CNA she is now working part time with Amana Care too. They have certainly made Amana Care there home.

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