Medicaid Waiver Programs

The word Amana means “faithfulness, loyalty, constancy, devotion, integrity, trust.” It also means “support, confirmation; a guardian.” At AmanaCare, our goal is to confirm the inherent value of our clients and to support them through their unique circumstances. By providing constant, reliable care tailored to each person, we seek to be the guardian that they and their loved ones can trust. Every person is a unique gift from God, and therefore care is not one-size-fits-all. We craft our care plans to assist with your specific needs, the way you want them done. We set your care plan according to family needs and help you remain an active member of your family and community.

Nebraska’s Medicaid Waiver Programs for in-home and community-based care services offer vital support for individuals who need assistance while preferring to live at home, rather than in nursing care facilities. 

AmanaCare In-Home Assistance is a provider of Medicaid Waiver services in the state of Nebraska.

Nebraska Medicaid Waiver Programs Overview

Aged and Disabled (AD) Waiver

The AD Waiver is a significant component of Nebraska’s Medicaid Waiver Programs. It is tailored for Nebraskans who are elderly or disabled and at risk of institutionalization (such as nursing home admission). This program aims to help these individuals continue living at home or in their community by providing a variety of long-term services and supports (LTSS). Services under the AD Waiver include:

  • Adult Day Care
  • Assisted Living (waiver does not pay for room & board)
  • Assistive Technology for the Home and Vehicle
  • Chore Services (laundry, housekeeping, and shopping for essentials)
  • Home Delivered, Hot and Prepared Meals
  • Home / Vehicle Modifications (for accessibility)
  • Independence Skills Training
  • Non-Medical Transportation
  • Nutrition Services
  • Personal Emergency Response Service
  • Respite Care (in-home and out-of-home)
  • Transitional Services (from a nursing home to a private residence)

Participants can reside in their own home, a loved one’s home, or an assisted living residence. While participants can choose their service providers, it’s important to note that the AD Waiver does not allow participants to self-direct their care in the traditional sense. 

Friends and relatives can be providers, but spouses cannot. The AD Waiver is not an entitlement program, which means eligibility does not guarantee immediate receipt of program benefits due to limited participant slots​​​​.

Personal Assistance Services

These services are aimed at individuals with a chronic medical condition or a disability who need help with daily activities. Eligibility for these services requires that the individual be receiving Medicaid, living in their home (not an institution), and have an assessed need for the service to live in the community. Information about these services can be found on the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services website​​.

Providing Nebraska Medicaid Waiver Services in Lincoln, Kearney, Grand Island, North Platte, Hastings, Omaha, Columbus, Broken Bow, Scottsbluff, Norfolk, and surrounding areas.

Medicaid Waiver Services | Lincoln | AmanaCare In-Home Assistance

How to Apply and Eligibility

To apply for the Nebraska Medicaid Waiver Programs, one should start by visiting the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services website. The application process typically involves an assessment of medical and financial needs.

Financial Eligibility

For the AD Waiver in 2023, financial eligibility is determined by income and asset limits. These limits vary based on individual circumstances, such as marital status and living arrangements. There are specific pathways for categorically needy and medically needy applicants, with set income and asset limits. For example, single applicants have a countable asset limit of $4,000, while non-applicant spouses can maintain up to $137,400. The home is considered an exempt asset under certain conditions​​.

Services and Benefits

The specific services and benefits offered to an individual are determined on a case-by-case basis. Besides the aforementioned services under the AD Waiver, potential benefits also include:

  • Assisted Living (excluding room and board)
  • Assistive Technology for Home and Vehicle
  • Chore Services

At AmanaCare, our goal is to confirm the inherent value of our clients and to support them through their unique circumstances. By providing constant and reliable care tailored to each person.

Medicaid Waiver Services | Lincoln | AmanaCare In-Home Assistance

We ensure our caregivers are highly skilled and compassionate while giving attention to our clients. With them, you can be sure your loved ones are always safe and have the highest level of care. 

Additional Resources

For more detailed information and assistance in applying for these programs, you can visit the following resources:

These resources provide an excellent starting point for understanding and accessing the Medicaid Waiver Programs in Nebraska. 

They can help consumers navigate the complex landscape of Medicaid and community-based services, ensuring that eligible individuals receive the support they need to maintain their independence and quality of life in their preferred living environment.

We start a client relationship by providing a free consultation where together we can explore your individual needs and offer the most helpful and appropriate care plan.

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