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The word Amana means “faithfulness, loyalty, constancy, devotion, integrity, trust.” It also means “support, confirmation; a guardian.” At AmanaCare, our goal is to confirm the inherent value of our clients and to support them through their unique circumstances. By providing constant, reliable care tailored to each person, we seek to be the guardian that they and their loved ones can trust. Every person is a unique gift from God, and therefore care is not one-size-fits-all. We craft our care plans to assist with your specific needs, the way you want them done. We set your care plan according to family needs and help you remain an active member of your family and community.

Veterans can receive in-home care services through various programs available through the Veterans Administration. AmanaCare In-Home Assistance is part of the VA’s Community Care Network and provides services for all programs.

Are You Eligible for VA Home Care Benefits?

  • VA Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits Learn more. 
  • VA Veteran-Directed Care benefits Learn more.
  • VA Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregiver benefits Learn more.
  • VA Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care benefits Learn more.

Call AmanaCare today, we can assist you in finding the right resources.

Homemaker Services for Veterans Include:

Light Housekeeping – Tackling laundry, changing bed linens, collecting mail, taking out trash and recycling and general tidying up around the home. This maintains cleanliness and order.

Light Pet Care- Providing food and water for household pets. Letting pets in and out as needed.

Friendly Companionship – Offering meaningful conversation and shared interests and activities. Companionship prevents isolation and provides mental stimulation.

Meal Planning/Preparation – Assistance with nutrition including meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking healthy recipes and specialized diets. This supports healthy eating.

Medication Reminders – Gentle help remembering to take prescriptions on time and correctly. 

Accompanying to Appointments – Driving to and attending medical appointments, community/social gatherings, religious services and other activities or errands. This encourages engagement.

What is the Community Care Network?

The Veterans Administration’s Community Care Network is a vital program that extends healthcare options for veterans. 

When VA facilities can’t provide necessary care, this network allows veterans to access services from community providers. 

Managed across five regions by Optum Serve and TriWest Healthcare Alliance, it covers a wide range of services, including in-home care, routine care, surgeries, and rehabilitation. 

Eligibility and access to these services are determined by VA healthcare teams. This initiative underscores the VA’s commitment to flexible, comprehensive care for veterans.

At AmanaCare, our goal is to confirm the inherent value of our clients and to support them through their unique circumstances. By providing constant and reliable care tailored to each person.

We ensure our caregivers are highly skilled and compassionate while giving attention to our clients. With them, you can be sure your loved ones are always safe and have the highest level of care. 

Providing Home Care for Nebraska Veterans in Lincoln, Kearney, Grand Island, North Platte, Hastings, Omaha, Columbus, Broken Bow, Scottsbluff, Norfolk, and surrounding areas.

Veterans Home Care | Lincoln | AmanaCare In-Home Assistance

Care and Services Covered Through Community Care

The Veterans Administration covers in-network care for immediate needs such as these:

  • Urgent care
  • Emergency care until they can transfer you to a VA facility

They cover these services from in-network community providers when approved by your VA health care team:

  • Routine medical care
  • Surgeries
  • Dialysis
  • Vaccines
  • Rehabilitation
  • Nursing homes, assisted living, and home health care

The VA covers complementary and integrative health services like these from in-network community providers when approved by your VA health care team:

  • Biofeedback
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Native American healing practices
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Tai chi

How to Start Home Care Services

You must get a referral from your VA health care team before you make an appointment for care with a community care provider like AmanaCare In-Home Assistance.

Follow this process to get care with an in-network community provider

  1. Find an in-network community provider like AmanaCare In-Home Assistance.
  2. Get a referral from your VA health care team. Ask your VA health care team for a referral to the community provider. They will review your request to make sure you’re eligible. Then they will contact you to confirm that you want to get community care and the type of appointment you need. They will then prepare your referral. This part of the process can take up to 14 days.
  3. Schedule your appointment. After you have your referral, you can schedule your appointment yourself. Or you can ask your VA health care team to schedule for you. If you schedule yourself, tell your VA health care team within 14 days. Your team will put this information in your chart so they can work with your community provider.
  4. Make sure you have your authorization letter. After you schedule an appointment, we’ll send you your authorization letter. This letter is your approval for community care.
  5. Go to your appointment. The VA will share your medical records with the community provider. Keep track of ongoing appointments and referrals. If the VA approves you for continued care, you can schedule follow-up appointments with the provider. But keep track of how many appointments you go to and how long you’re approved to get care. We won’t cover services that your authorization letter doesn’t include.

Your letter will provide this information:

  • An authorization number
  • Information about your approved in-network community provider
  • A description of the care you can get
  • How long you can continue to get care without needing another referral

If you need more care, you or your community provider can request a new referral.

Read more about the Community Care Network Process here:

Veterans’ Home Care | Lincoln | AmanaCare In-Home Assistance

How Do Veterans Apply for This Benefit?

Send a completed VA form to your pension management center (PMC)

Fill out VA Form 21-2680 (Examination for Housebound Status or Permanent Need for Regular Aid and Attendance) and mail it to the PMC for your state. You can have your doctor fill out the examination information section. 

Get VA Form 21-2680 to download
Find your PMC

You can also include with your VA form:

  • Other evidence, like a doctor’s report, that shows you need Aid and Attendance or Housebound care
  • Details about what you normally do during the day and how you get to places
  • Details that help show what kind of illness, injury, or mental or physical disability affects your ability to do things, like take a bath, on your own

Learn about the evidence you’ll need to support your claim

Get Assistance at the Local VA Office:

Lincoln VA Regional Benefit Office

3800 Village Drive
Lincoln, NE 68516

Main number: 800-827-1000


Get directions on Google Maps

VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit

The VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit is a program for veterans and survivors who require assistance with daily activities or are housebound. 

Eligibility is based on the need for aid and attendance, financial criteria, and military service requirements. 

Qualified individuals can receive additional monetary benefits on top of their regular pension. This benefit can cover services like in-home care, assisted living, and nursing home care.

VA Aid and Attendance Eligibility

You may be eligible for this benefit if you get a VA pension and you meet at least one of these requirements.

At least one of these must be true:

  • You need another person to help you perform daily activities, like bathing, feeding, and dressing, or
  • You have to stay in bed—or spend a large portion of the day in bed—because of illness, or
  • You are a patient in a nursing home due to the loss of mental or physical abilities related to a disability, or
  • Your eyesight is limited (even with glasses or contact lenses you have only 5/200 or less in both eyes; or concentric contraction of the visual field to 5 degrees or less)
  • Housebound benefits eligibility
  • You may be eligible for this benefit if you get a VA pension and you spend most of your time in your home because of a permanent disability (a disability that doesn’t go away).

We start a client relationship by providing a free consultation where together we can explore your individual needs and offer the most helpful and appropriate care plan.

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