Companion Care Services

The word Amana means “faithfulness, loyalty, constancy, devotion, integrity, trust.” It also means “support, confirmation; a guardian.” At AmanaCare, our goal is to confirm the inherent value of our clients and to support them through their unique circumstances. By providing constant, reliable care tailored to each person, we seek to be the guardian that they and their loved ones can trust. Every person is a unique gift from God, and therefore care is not one-size-fits-all. We craft our care plans to assist with your specific needs, the way you want them done. We set your care plan according to family needs and help you remain an active member of your family and community.

Whether it’s friendly visitors for socialization, assistance with homemaker duties, transportation services or hands-on care, the compassionate professionals at AmanaCare In-Home Assistance can provide customized companion care to meet each senior’s unique needs.

Caregiver Companions

The responsibilities of a companion caregiver are wide-ranging, but the goal is to offer assistance that makes independent living more manageable and enjoyable.

Companion Care:

Friendly Companionship – Offering meaningful conversation and shared interests and activities. Companionship prevents isolation and provides mental stimulation.

Meal Planning/Preparation – Assistance with nutrition including meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking healthy recipes and specialized diets. This supports healthy eating.

Medication Reminders – Gentle help remembering to take prescriptions on time and correctly. 

Accompanying to Appointments – Driving to and attending medical appointments, community/social gatherings, religious services and other activities or errands. This encourages engagement.

Homemaker Services:

Light Housekeeping – Tackling laundry, changing bed linens, collecting mail, taking out trash and recycling and general tidying up around the home. This maintains cleanliness and order.

Light Pet Care- Providing food and water for household pets. Letting pets in and out as needed.

The right companion becomes a trusted friend – helping you accomplish necessary daily tasks while also providing friendly accountability, motivation and structure. 

We ensure our caregivers are highly skilled and compassionate while giving attention to our clients. With them, you can be sure your loved ones are always safe and have the highest level of care. 

Providing Companion Care Services in Lincoln, Kearney, Grand Island, North Platte, Hastings, Omaha, Columbus, Broken Bow, Scottsbluff, Norfolk, and surrounding areas.

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Mental Health Benefits of Companion Care

Welcoming a companion caregiver into the home can benefit seniors and disabled adults in many ways.

Daily Social Interaction – The simple act of having positive conversations and shared interests is a cure for loneliness, anxiety and depression. Human connection is incredibly healing.

Cognitive Stimulation – Playing board games, activities, hobbies,  or current events discussions with a companion keeps the mind challenged and staves off cognitive decline. An active brain supports continued independence.

Increased sense of Safety/Security – Having a regular, trusted companion in the home promotes a sense of safety and security. You have someone reliable there providing regular assistance with daily tasks.

Improved Self-Confidence – A little help around the house makes everyone feel better. Getting out of the house for a drive or to do some grocery shopping provides a mental boost and encourages independence.

Stress Relief – Enjoying caregiver company and getting physical help with household or personal tasks provides mental and emotional relief. This supports resilience and better coping strategies overall.

Sense of Purpose – Forming meaningful relationships with professional caregivers, neighbors, community members etc. with the help of a companion, nurtures purpose and belonging.

The comfort of reliable caregivers for both physical help and emotional support, enables seniors to enjoy daily life and while minimizing worry, isolation and burnout.

At AmanaCare, our goal is to confirm the inherent value of our clients and to support them through their unique circumstances. By providing constant and reliable care tailored to each person.

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We start a client relationship by providing a free consultation where together we can explore your individual needs and offer the most helpful and appropriate care plan.

Family Caregiver Respite

Finally, an often overlooked advantage of in-home companion services is that they provide family caregivers much needed respite from care duties. 

Caregiving tasks can overwhelm even the most dedicated family members over time, leading to decline in their own health and inability to cope with burnout.

Having a regularly scheduled companion caregiver through AmanaCare provides family members time off to rest and rejuvenate. This break can allow them to focus on their own needs – from proper sleep to stress relief to social connections, hobbies and passions. 

Simply put, you cannot effectively care for others’ needs without first caring for your own.

Respite also helps preserve mother-daughter/ father-son family relationships that can unintentionally fray when family members become full-time “medical staff.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Companion Services

What specific tasks can companions perform during visits?

They’ll tackle household tasks, meal help, pet care, errands/shopping, transportation, motivating activity/exercise and providing safety supervision. The focus is maintaining self-direction.

Visit frequency ranges from a few times per week to daily. Schedule flexibility ensures appropriate assistance levels customized per individual.

Yes, AmanaCare trains caregivers on safely serving seniors experiencing diverse health and mobility limitations. Customized care plans are created accordingly.

Certainly! Providing essential transportation and community access/engagement services are central components of companion care. Remaining active out and about prevents isolation.

No problem! AmanaCare caregivers receive continuing education to adapt assistance provided as circumstances evolve. We specialize in navigating life’s changes so clients get continuous care.

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